We are a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer operated organization that believes every dog deserves a chance at a life of feeling no hunger pains, has access to medical care and the right to live in safety with good ohana.

We are not a rescue group. 

Our volunteers focus on providing direct outreach care to the dogs that live within the houseless camps across Oahu and on Maui.

Many of these ohana (families) lost their roof when they fell upon hardships such as medical problems or being laid off from work. They are homeless so they can remain with their family dog.  At times, some humans stay in a dangerous situations for fear that their dog will be harmed in their absence. We understand their determination to keep their ohana together.

We are here to make sure the dogs have a resource for spaying/neutering, Emergency Care response, severe weather evacuation assistance and much, much more!


Here our volunteer Main Beach Vet visits a houseless dog at a camp site.


K9 Kokua also assists dogs that are affected by domestic violence (dv) which allows the victim to get help while knowing their dog is safe. We help to heal them as a unit. They are ohana and sometimes all each other has in this world. 

Another unique resource that we provide to our community is our small, home-bound senior program that assists dogs (and their humans) in unique circumstances. We are always honored to be of service to those in hospice care to help them remain with their dog as long as possible. Our work in the community also extends to anti-cruelty, animal legislative support. K9 Kokua co-hosts annual Humane Lobby Day at the Hawaii State Capitol. Join us to make your voice heard!

We are the only group in Hawaii that focus' on the dogs of the houseless and our volunteers are extremely dedicated in everything that they do. We often are mistaken for a rescue group due to our volunteers' level of hands-on experience but we have no facility, no office and all of our volunteers work from their homes.

We strive to help keep good ohana together during the toughest times of their lives.

Our Beach Crew and Field Crew are efficiently trained and hold over a decade of outreach experience that allows them to provide a superb level of direct care that matches each dog's needs.

Not a single person gets paid at K9 Kokua to ensure that 100% of your donation goes directly to helping a dog in need!

Donate and safe a life today!

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