We need a dog truck!!

Love dogs? Want to help your island in an outstanding way? 

Sponsor our SUV or truck and provide the dogs with an official K9 Kokua outreach response vehicle! AROO! 

Hows about just supplying the parts and fabrication if we can get an SUV or truck donated? 

A Mobile Outreach Vehicle will navigate through challenging terrain to reach the houseless dogs that are in areas stretching from the mountains to the sand. A lot of these are placed where regular vehicles cannot go or it takes a long time to hike in. 
Precious time that could mean the life or death of a dog in distress! 

If you are interested in sponsoring a vehicle or customizing one for the dogs, please call us at: 808-284-4310. 

Below are a few photos of examples of SUVs that could be beefed-up/customized to carry our dog gear and medical response kit (stretcher, IV fluids, metal crates, small generator, lighting, etc).  

We aren't picky, the dogs need a sturdy and reliable truck or SUV! 

The unveiling of any custom build would be televised to show the world how you made a difference for the State of Hawaii. So get your shop's name out there as the best dog-loving crew by building a cherry dog-ambulance that can handle anything, even being hosed out after an emergency run!!!