ARCHIVE: Rest Peacefully, Sweet Innocents...

This is an album dedicated to the innocents who we have been fortunate to have known. Even if it was for a just a brief moment, when we were called to help an injured dog, their life mattered. At times, we sit with a friend and hold their hand as their dog passes over to Rainbow Bridge. And then there are the dogs that we have known for many years...the dogs that have lived with their houseless owners on the beaches, in parks, and everywhere else that you cannot possibly imagine. It affects our volunteers deeply when a dog passes away and it helps us to remember that it is better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all. We feel the duty to share the faces of these dogs with you, for their lives made an impact on our's. >>WE WILL NOT BE ADDING ANY MORE PHOTOS TO THIS ALBUM. PLEASE SEE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR CURRENT ANNOUNCEMENTS. Mahalo.
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