Medical Rounds

2009 was the first year ever, that a vet has ever come down to any of the houseless beaches and sites (in the State of Hawaii) to give exams, shots and deworming!! K9 Kokua experiences many 'firsts' in the dog world and we are touched to have her help with our mission. We were proud to introduce, Dr.Ann, to the houseless dogs those years ago and the dogs continue to love her coming out to see them! The dogs' owners are able to ask her questions and she helps us to educate them about the spread of dog diseases, safety as well as proper daily dog-care. We welcome other veterinarians to come out to the sites with us but since 2009, she has remained as our Main Beach Vet who makes bi-annual visits from North Carolina, where she holds her own veterinarian practice, to examine and offer preventative and urgent care to the dogs. Reality dictates that we cannot transport every single dog into our vet's office for routine exams so our Beach Vet is vital to our team effort. Mahalo to ALL of our Veterinarian Professionals who continue to help the dogs in need with your compassion and top-notch care for any dog that we bring to you!
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