K9 Kokua provides any necessary treatment to get the dog healthy prior to adoption. This may include treatment for parvo, heartworms, etc., depending on the dog's situation at the time. Our adoptable dogs are up-to-date shots, are spayed/neutered, microchipped wormed and current on preventatives. 

Besides any behavioral rehabilitation provided in foster care, K9 Kokua additionally provides Post-Adoption Support for life of the dog! Included is a starter amount of the specific dog's food, a familiar toy or linen, one month of heartworm preventative and one month of flea/tick preventative. 

We understand the adjustment of adoption and we provide all of these things for the dog to help make the transition smooth.

We are not a rescue-focused group. Our main mission is to provide direct outreach to houseless dogs and those affected by domestic violence. The dogs in our foster care were either houseless or affected by cruelty in some way. They come from serious backgrounds of varying circumstances and many have spent a long time healing. 

Adoption is NEVER a first-come, first-served basis with us. Our priority is finding a permanent match for the dog. 

To continue helping the next pup or dog in need, we ask for 

$200 for adult dogs, $300 for puppies(<1yr). 

100% of it goes back to helping the next dog in need. 

By adopting, you are not only saving that pup/dog's life, you are making it possible for the next puppy or dog to receive help.

SMALL TERRIER MIX, 4 YRS OLD                            
Location: Oahu

Please stay tuned for more photos and her bio. 

Location: Oahu

Hina’s story started out badly. She came to us severely emaciated and engorged with milk because her 2.5 week old puppies were removed from her by someone who gave them away. 

Thankfully Hina and her puppies were helped by good sammies who intervened further when they first came across her puppies in the parking lot of a grocery store.

She was admitted to our vet for immediate care and to be reunited with her puppies. 

Thanks to donations for my vet care, I feel so much better now!

Hina fed her puppies until they were approximately 9 weeks old. 

This beautiful and bright girl is energetic and very puppy-like in how she behaves. Not surprisingly, this is probably directly related to her past of not having adequate attention paid to her by the humans who starved her. 

Hina is a happy girl in her foster home and cant wait for a permanent home all her own. 

Hina is healthy, spayed, microchipped, UTD on vaccinations and preventatives. She has never been around children and seeks a home with no cats. 

If you have the fortitude she seeks, please submit an adoption application by clicking the button below. 

Location: Oahu

Maluhia is a sweet, large, elderbull and since in foster care, he has grown to enjoy the simple pleasures like copping a squat on a comfy couch! He is still learning many new things and is eager to please.

Malu is a happy, clumsy and playful gentle giant. He will require a home experienced in his breed who can spend lots of quality time with him. Consistency and tender care motivate him to keep being a good boy and he is learning some really cool things like “sit”, “stay”, “wait” and a bunch more!

Don’t let his size fool you, he is a really sensitive fella is afraid of being alone in an empty house. Thankfully, he is actively receiving help to overcome his fear through daily work by his fosters including the guidance of his veterinarian. 

Maluhia is potty-trained, adores positive attention and quality time spent with his humans. He is silly and has perfected the art of the ever-so-popular bully-wiggle on the grass! It’s nice to see that no matter what he endured in his past, he is still able to experience joy!

He is energetic, neutered, microchipped, and UTD on all vaccinations and preventatives. Malu would do best in a home where he can receive lots of time with a human. He likes respectful keiki and would not do good in a home with cats, small dogs or birds. 

Malu would be his most excited to be an only dog in the home. If this sounds like you, please submit an adoption application by clicking the button below. 

SMALL TERRIER MIX, 2.5 YRS OLD                            
Location: Oahu

Please stay tuned for Peaches’ bio and more photos. 

She is currently enjoying her time in foster care.

Location: Oahu 

Chewbacca is one of the Nalo 14 dogs (see facebook for the entire story) that came to us when the 14 dogs - all related to each other - needed to be spayed/neutered and provided additional medical care.

He is a feisty and happy fella who enjoys playing and rolling around in the dirt! He has affectionately been nicknamed “Dusty” due to the cloud of dust that comes off of his coat after he has been allowed to romp outside to play with dog toys and dig to his heart’s desire. It is quite a sight and it truly makes him happy like PigPen in the Peanuts comic strip. 

Chewbacca has a best dog pal in his foster home so we know that he would enjoy having another nice dog around that could handle his antics and energy level. 

He’s a GRReat cuddler during down times of relaxation and being a young dog, he thrives on routine and would enjoy being in a home where he will have a lot of attention. 

Chewbacca is crate-trained and that makes him feel safe when it’s time to sleep or during times when he is alone. 

If you think you can open your heart and home to Chewbacca and provide the gentle guidance he needs to continue flourish, please submit an adoption application by clicking the button below.  

APBT, 6.5 YRS OLD                            
Location: Maui

I am looking for a lifetime commitment in a home that will embrace me as ohana. I have been through a lot in my past life as a houseless pup and almost died.

Emergency Vet Care gave me the chance to beat parvo and I also recovered from digesting toxins and dangerous fish bones!

After my vet hospital stay, I went into a K9 Kokua holding home to continue my quarantine isolation while my immune system improved. I received a clean bill of health and since then, I have learned many new things in foster care!

love to ride in the car for short jaunts! Even though I am very friendly, I am still misunderstood by many people simply because I am a large APBT mix. And ok, I'll admit it...I'm a teensie bit clumsy. I can't help it. I am so happy about life and toys and food and cuddles...I just want to kiss you all the time and I forget that I'm a big girl. hehe. Oops. 

I am a 70lb goof ball that loves to be a couch potato and I have perfected the art of stealing toys from my foster pack. No joke! 

I enjoy a daily routine and a fine snuggle with a human! 

I would really love to be adopted by a home where I will be the only dog that gets all of your one-on-one attention. I am not opposed to sharing a home with a nice, submissive dog that can handle my big girl play habits and not mind me being a diva.

I promise to always give you nothing but unconditional love and loyalty if you give me the same in return. I am a healthy girl who seeks to fill the spot on the couch next to you. Do you you possess the special spark that I seek?

SMALL TERRIER MIX, 4 YRS OLD                            
Location: Oahu

Stay tuned for details about this cutie! 

Aurora is currently in foster care under going treatment for heartworms. 

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Maluhia is a loving elderbull.

Hina loves the sunshine! 

Emma on Maui enjoys playing in the water!