K9 Kokua provides any necessary treatment to get the dog healthy prior to adoption (this may include treatment for parvo, heartworms, etc depending on each dog's situation at the time), Our adoptable dogs are up-to-date shots, are spayed/neutered, microchipped wormed and current on preventatives. 

Besides any behavioral rehabilitation provided in foster care, K9 Kokua additionally provides Post-Adoption Support for life of the dog! We also include a starter amount of the specific dog's food, a familiar toy or linen(s), one month of heartworm preventative and one month of flea/tick preventative. 

We understand the adjustment of adoption and we provide all of these things for the dog to help make the transition smooth.

We are not a rescue group. The dogs that we have been entrusted with to find permanent homes for came from serious backgrounds of varying circumstances and many have spent a long time healing in foster care. 

Adoption is NEVER a first-come, first-served basis with us. Our priority is finding a permanent match for the dog. 

To continue helping the next pup or dog in need, we ask for 

$150 for adult dogs, $200 for puppies(<1yr). 

100% of it goes back to helping the next dog in need. 

By adopting, you are not only saving that pup/dog's life, you are making it possible for the next needy dog to receive help.

HOLLY, MEDIUM TERRIER MIX, 5 1/2 months old 

Location: Oahu

Holly is a shy girl who loves soft, gentle attention. 

At a very young age, she was abandoned with her siblings and mama dog a week before Christmas and she was one of the most scared puppies who was afraid of humans.

Since being in foster care, Holly has learned many new things like potty-pad training, crate-training and how to be a master-snuggler! 

To meet this innocent, please click the button to submit your application. 

EMMA, APBT, 5 years old   
Location: Maui

I am looking for a lifetime commitment in a home that will embrace me as ohana. I have been through a lot in my past life as a houseless pup and almost died.

Emergency Vet Care gave me the chance to beat parvo and I also recovered from digesting toxins and dangerous fish bones!

After my vet hospital stay, I went into a K9 Kokua holding home to continue my quarantine isolation while my immune system improved. I received a clean bill of health and since then, I have learned many new things in foster care!

I'm about 4 yrs old now and am potty-trained, crate-trained and love to ride in the car for short jaunts! Even though I am very friendly, I am still misunderstood by many people simply because I am a large APBT mix. And ok, I'll admit it...I'm a teensie bit clumsy. I can't help it. I am so happy about life and toys and food and cuddles...I just want to kiss you all the time and I forget that I'm a big girl. hehe. Oops. 

I am a 70lb goof ball that loves to be a couch potato and I have perfected the art of stealing toys from my foster pack. No joke! 

I enjoy a daily routine and a fine snuggle with a human! 

I would really love to be adopted by a home where I will be the only dog that gets all of your one-on-one attention. I am not opposed to sharing a home with a nice, submissive dog that can handle my big girl play habits and not mind me being a diva.

I promise to always give you nothing but unconditional love and loyalty if you give me the same in return. I am a healthy girl who seeks to fill the spot on the couch next to you. Do you you possess the special spark that I seek?

NOEL, MEDIUM TERRIER MIX, 5 1/2 months old 

Location: Oahu

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