We provide any and all necessary treatment to bring the dog up to health prior to adoption. This may include treatment for parvo, heartworms, etc. While on foster care, each puppy or dog receives one-on-one care & rehabilitation according to their individual needs.

All adoptable puppies + dogs are up-to-date on shots, blood tests and fecal testing, Further, they are spayed/neutered, microchipped, wormed and current on preventatives. 

K9 Kokua additionally provides Post-Adoption Support for life of the dog! 

Included in adoption is;  a starter amount of the specific dog's food, a familiar toy or linen, one month of heartworm preventative and one month of flea/tick preventative. We understand the adjustment of adoption so we provide these additional items for the dog to help make the transition smooth for the entire ohana.

We are not a rescue-focused group and cannot readily accept in stray dogs or dogs needing to be reho

Our main mission is to provide direct outreach to houseless dogs and those affected by domestic violence. The dogs in our foster care were either houseless or affected by cruelty in some way. 

Nonetheless, they each have come from serious backgrounds of varying circumstances. Many have spent a long time healing in a foster home. 

Adoption is NEVER a first-come, first-served basis with us. 

Our priority is finding a permanent match for the dog. 

To continue helping the next pup or dog in need, we ask for 

$200 for adult dogs, $300 for puppies(<1yr). 

100% of it goes back to helping the next dog in need of foster care.

By adopting, you are not only saving that pup/dog's life, you are making it possible for the next puppy or dog to receive help!

DSH, 3.5 YRS OLD & CHIHUAHUA / TERRIER MIX, 4.5 YRS OLD                            
Location: Oahu

Please share their story of survival and friendship with your friends and family! 

Abandoned separately by cruel people, these 2 lovely ladies found companionship and stability in each other.

They were both trapped after 11 days of volunteers going out daily, in rotating shifts. 

This dynamic duo is not high maintenance at all! They are perfect for a retired person/couple. These pretty gals seek a quiet and low-energy home together where they deserve to live their life out by each other’s sides. 

Would you be their human?

Relying on each other for security and comfort, these innocents would love a home where they can lounge around all day. Cagney is quite silly and friendly while Lacey is very shy and takes time to warm up to new people. Both girls are approximately the same size with Cagney cat being slightly larger than her K9 pal. 

They would thrive best in an adult only home with no visiting children or animals. 

Both girls are potty trained, quiet and love to snuggle! They are low-energy so if you’re looking for a dog to take walks with, Lacey is not the dog for you. She prefers the safety and sanctuary of indoor living.

If you are interested in providing them with a permanent and stable home, please click the button to submit your application right away! 

Location: Oahu

Despite a horrible past, this beautiful and energetic gal is very puppy-like in how she behaves.

Click her photo to view her needs and submit an application for her. 

Location: Oahu

Maluhia is a sweet, large, elderbull. He is a happy, clumsy and playful gentle giant. Maluhia will require a home experienced in his breed who can spend lots of quality time with him. Consistency and tender care motivate him to keep being a good boy and he is learning some really cool things like “sit”, “stay”, “wait” and a bunch more!

Maluhia is a sensitive fella and afraid of being alone in an empty house. Thankfully, he is actively receiving help to overcome his fear through daily work by his fosters, including the guidance of his veterinarian, and requires a human for constant companionship. 

Maluhia is potty-trained, adores positive attention and has perfected the art of the ever-so-popular bully-wiggle on the grass! It’s nice to see that no matter what he endured in his past, he is still able to experience joy!

He is energetic, neutered, microchipped, and UTD on all vaccinations and preventatives. 

Malu would do best in a home where he can receive constant companionship. He likes respectful keiki and would not do good in a home with small dogs or birds. 

Malu would be his most excited to be an only dog in the home. If this sounds like you, please submit an adoption application by clicking the button below. 

Location: Oahu



Alohi came to us for constant care to avoid being sold for the backyard breeding of puppies. She is a sweet little dog with a checkered past which has left her with severe anxiety. 

‘Alohi gets scared when she hears loud noises and due to her anxiousness, she barks and jumps when she is stressed or confused.

Please help and share her story with your friends and family who are seeking to adopt! 

‘Alohi would do best in a quiet, stable home with no children. She will flourish where she has lots of time spent with humans who accept her quirks along with her silly snorts. ‘Alohi is completely healthy, spayed, UTD on vaccinations, preventatives and is potty trained. 

She loves going on car rides to take a short hike and she enjoys walks around the neighborhood when it isn’t too hot outside. Her breed mix must be kept cool at all times and not be allowed to overheat as that would be extremely dangerous for any snub-nosed dog. 

If you think you have what it takes to make this beauty the happiest dog in the world, please click the button below to submit your application. 

APBT / STAFFY MIX, 4 YRS OLD                            
Location: Oahu

Such a beauty and a cuddle-bug to boot! 

Click her photo to view her needs and submit an application for her. 

TERRIER MIX, 4 years old
Location: Oahu 

Brie was a long time stray who made her way to a stretch of a houseless beach encampment where she rummaged for food or relied on the kindness of surrounding humans. 

It has been stated from various sources, on the beach and passersby, that this sweet female roamed the area for approx. 3 years. That is most of her life! How can people be so mean? 

Brie would not let any human touch her and many have tried to capture her but attempts were unsuccessful until our volunteers safely trapped her.

Foster care has allowed Brie to learn many new things about life, including what a joy it is to run and play! 

Brie will need someone who will not only appreciate her for the wonderful being she is, she needs a calmer human to understand and remember her background. 

She would not do well in an apartment setting or with cats or children. Brie loves to stretch her legs so a secured yard is a must and she will walk well on a leash under limited circumstances. I.e. going to the vet, being in the yard. 

This pretty girl is considered to be a medium sized dog weighing in at only 30lbs and would be perfect for a retired person or couple who spends lots of time at home. 

During her time in foster care, Brie has shown that her past has left her with some ‘defensive mechanisms of coping’. One being that she will not tolerate being hugged and another being that she does not like anyone walking behind her, she must see you at all times. It is sad when you think about what she went through while roaming all those years. Dodging cars, avoiding bad people, finding food and shelter during storms. 
One thing is for sure, this girl deserves a special human in her life for always! 

It took a long time for her to feel this good.
She has a zest for life and its all thanks to her foster care home and donations towards prompt vet care and supplies. 
She would be GRReat for a retired person who isn’t too active. 

If you think you can offer Brie a lifetime of happiness, safety, quality time spent and love, please submit an adoption application. 

Location: Oahu

Kahea was a houseless puppy that came to us needing life-saving care after being deliberately kicked into oncoming traffic twice, until she was struck by a vehicle! 

This 9lb innocent was admitted to our emergency vet for immediate care where she remained for 3 days in ICU for neurological damage caused by the impact due to the cruel act. 

She could not raise her head, walk or stand and her vision was impaired. 

Kahea recovered in a medical foster home and can now run and play! This little darling has made tremendous strides.  

Kahea is an energetic puppy that craves positive attention and quality time spent with a human. 

She would be happiest in a home with a retired couple, someone who works from home or who can take her to work with them. This sweetheart is still young and requiring guidance to learn many more wonderful things to grow into a well-balanced adult. 

Kahea is spayed, microchipped and completely up to-date on all medical, testing and preventatives. In photos, she looks larger than what she is for only weighing 10 lbs. Kahea has a silly, sassy spirit and she is energetically adorable! 

If you think your home matches her needs, please click the button below to submit your application today.


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Your support helps dogs heal and decompress from their past while awaiting a home of their own.

Maluhia, the silly elderbull.