Hina’s condition was shocking. The people who had her, starved her. They deprived her of food while she nursed 4 newborn puppies! 

This photo was taken when she arrived at our vet for Emergency care and admittance to hospital. 

This beautiful and bright girl is energetic and very puppy-like in how she behaves. Hina is a happy girl in her foster home and cant wait for a permanent home all her own!

She would be happiest in adult only home with no cats and could do well as the only dog in a townhome or condo setting (quieter complex) if she expended her energy on short walks or play sessions.

Hina craves to be around a favorite human and is very affectionate. 

She walks well on a leash with a mindful human who watches for cats or birds along the route. Rapid movement from a small animal will pique her interest and her instinct would be to chase. 

This sweet and smart gal wants you to know that she has been in foster care for a while now and if you’re serious about providing her with a permanent home of her own, she invites you to apply for her right away!