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 After being on the run in a dangerous area of the Honolulu International Airport, Victor is safe!


 Victor, the dog running loose after he was lost by Hawaiian Airlines, is now safe thanks to the work of many volunteers and good samaritans! 

Click here for KHON2 News coverage. 

Also, check our facebook page: K9 Kokua for a complete photo album from the field during the search and after he was safe! 



3 angel babies. Relying on each other for comfort, reassurance and companionship. They are safe now! Thanks to a call from a good samaritan, we got them right in to our Emergency Vet. 

To view and read about their entire rescue and healing process, please see our facebook page: K9 Kokua.

Their pics can be found in the album titled: Dogs in Need. Mahalo for your support!

 Days after the good samaritan called us about the 3 abandoned puppies in Mokuleia, we got a call from another good samaritan about this bald, little female.  We got her right into the vet and started her healing process. Her rescuing angel ended up fostering her and adopting her! For more info on Elly, visit our facebook page: K9 Kokua.




And a few days later we were alerted about this APBT female who was dumped and left for dead on the side of the road in Nanakuli, Hawaii.



 She was named Hope for the courage and strength that she exuded. She had such great Hope and many rallied around her while she healed at the vet's office. It was an extremely long road for Hope and sadly, her heart gave out and she passed away. She was an extremely special dog to all who met her after her rescue and all who followed her story and will to live. RIP beautiful girl...your life mattered!

To see all of Hope's journey, please visit our facebook page: K9 Kokua. 


 Click here for the video of the news coverage on Champ, the dog that was shot in Maili, Hawaii. Sadly, Champ did not make it. Our volunteers were with him when he took his last breath and whispered sweet sentiments in his ear. His name certainly fit him but sadly, he had irreparable neurological damage from the projectile that was lodged in his spine. Rest in Peaceful light, Champ....










On Oct. 18, 2011 we responded to an urgent call from a Anonymous Good Samaritan that found a blue female Pit Bull.  When we arrived on scene we were not prepared for what we were about to see.  This girl (dubbed Moxy) was severely emaciated and her rear right leg had the bone exposed.  We rushed her immediately to Animal House Vet, there Dr. Yoko immediately examined her and could not believe the horrific injuries and massive infection that she saw.  Unfortunately her injuries were so extensive and the infection was wide spread there was no option for treatment.  It deeply pains us that she had no chance at treatment, but we are grateful that she is at rest now and is no longer suffering.  We appreciate everyone's efforts especially from the compassionate care that this dog received at Animal House Vet, the proactive support of the Humane Society of the United States, and the Hawaiian Humane Society's for starting an active dog fighting investigation.  We are able to continue our mission with the support of the community and other groups to come together for the sake of a dog in need.

KGMB did an exclusive on her story.  Also, KHON did a segment on her story as well.  Click on the following link below to watch the video coverage from KGMB.



 On July 25, 2011 we responded to a call from an owner that her dog had been attacked by someone unknown. The pup, Conan, was covered in blood and unconscious. You can follow his progress here under Medical Issues/Updates or on Facebook at Also, KHON2 did a segment on his story. Click on the link and watch the video coverage. 


On July 19, 2010 a planned beach sweep was done. A beach sweep is when the City and County clears a specific area of it's homeless inhabitants and also of any animal that they do not take with them and/or any of their belongings.

This particular beach sweep was the worst that we have seen, to date. The spirits of the people were more shaken than we have ever seen with past beach sweeps. 



Kristy, speaking with HoneyBoy's owner.                      Tisha, looking on at the start of the beach sweep.

Keiki embarrassed and distraught at the arrival of some news cameras. (w/permission given to us to post their pic)

Another group came in and brought news cameras with them, the day before, on Sunday. The people were telling us that they felt like they were being paraded by the other group and they were very depressed and offended at that action. They also told us that they were being told that the other group was telling some of them that they were with us. Which was not true. We heard from many of these owners that they felt 'pressured' to give their dogs up and many owners were asking some of our crew to take their dogs to avoid having to give them to 'strangers' that they did not know. 

We did a lot of consoling that day and heard from many angry owners. We had to call in 2 more friends to assist us at the beach sweep that Monday morning. The media crews were out there and the scene was nothing less than a fiasco. 


Maddog, of Kanaka Hekili M/C, consoling Tita, the dog, after his camp was moved.

Kristy and Tisha of K9 Kokua. Obviously affected by the morning's happenings as they listened to an owner's ranting.

There was a suicide on the beach on Sunday evening. The gentleman hung himself in his tent. There was also another report of another man that tried to hang himself with the same rope. A woman also laid herself out in the middle of Farrington Hwy.

Monday morning, while the sweep was starting, one camp was so distraught by the circus of news cameras and microphones being pointed at them for comment, they set their camp on fire in protest to everything going on around them. We are not embellishing when we say that this beach sweep has been the hardest to date.


                The camp site that was set on fire.                     A dog owner who finally got some peace in the late afternoon


K9 Kokua has been on all previous beach sweeps, standing by to make sure that the dogs are fine and none had wandered back to the area. On all other beach sweeps, it was only HPD, K9 Kokua and HHS (when called/or/on standby). Never before had there been news crews, other animal groups (for dogs/cats) or lawmakers out there. The homeless said, 'where were all these other groups all these years? They only coming out now because they like get on the news?' We could not answer any of their rhetorical questions, but only to offer comfort that we were there to help their dogs, as we have been all these years. 


 One of the camp sites that was being dismantled. Look closely@the moped, Baby is waiting for her papa.

Some of law enforcement doing their job as they address a situation with some people. HPD is always very calm and they perform their duties with great respect for the homeless population and see them as people, not nuisances. K9 Kokua is very honored to be called by HPD officers regarding dogs in distress and/or wandering,injured dogs. 



Posted: 06/13/2010

The doctor is coming! The doctor is coming!

We are so very excited to announce that we will be providing earlier-than-planned vet exams and shots for all the dog and puppies, right there on the beach. These dogs are blessed to have such a great friend in the doctor!

Look for upcoming news on this great healthy event for the dogs!




On April 03, 2010 we arrived to see this disgustingly, oblivious-to-common-sense type of neglect. This started with fleas!! It progressed further to dermatitis, then to mange, then to sunburn, and then...sadly...what you see in this picture. There are no further words to describe how we felt looking down at this innocent. We received permission to take this poor baby boy into our care. We rushed him straight to the vet and sadly, his immune system was so very weak. His body fluids were leaking through his pores. His skin would slough off just by gently touching it!! Not to mention that his eye was sunken in due to infection! HE had just enough energy to close his eyes and rest.The prognosis was not good and he did not make it.

Rest in Peace sweet baby innocent. In your name, we will strive even harder.

Sweet 4 month old baby. He's so weak, he cannot keep his eyes open.




The not-so-past News...

Posted 03/23/2010:

On March 18th (thurs), we contacted Maui Pitbull Rescue to speak to them about Ali'i, a female APBT mix. Sadly, Ali'i 's ohana had to give her up. They were required to come off of the beach and go into transitional housing. It was the last thing that they thought they would have to do...separate from their loyal companion

We were ecstatic that MPR said that they could take her in. Maui Pitbull Rescue is a no-kill, pit bull rescue located on Maui. They informed us that they did not have funding for her flight and that we would need to secure that. We were grateful and immediately started to spread the word. Our wonderful supporters and donors gave their hard-earned money to give Ali'i a chance at living safely, with people that understand her breed and that can work with her on her dog aggression issue. There was no facility on Oahu that would have been able to offer her the same assistance. Being that she is dog aggressive, all Foster Homes already had dogs in them and the Fosters that did not have dogs, do not have the required experience to work with a dog like her. Sticking her at a shelter that purely had kennels, would do her no justice. She needs quality time to be spent with her on training and everyday experiences.


Saturday, March 20th, we had enough to cover her flight! We still had to raise the funds to fly the dog handler over from Maui. We wanted to be sure that we transfered her properly, for her sake. Monday, March 21st, we were successful in purchasing him a ticket to escort Ali'i back to MPR! 

When they met, it was great. Good timing. She was in good spirits and was happy. Just a tad bit energetic and who could blame her? She was excellent for the car ride and approached her new friend, Kawika. After a bit of time passed, she gave him smootches and let him give her a little hug. This was huge because when Ali'i was on the beach, she was very protective of her area and often did not allow new people to come near her. Away from there, it was a different story. (as we hoped it would be)

We were so happy to have been able to send 200lbs of food with her along with other miscellaneous dog supplies! This was the least that we could do for them as thanks for taking her in. After all, we had known Ali'i for quite some time and we will miss her dearly.

Aloha and Mahalo to MPR!



Posted 03/17/2010: 

As all the dogs settling in at their new areas, we have been seeing more human foot and bike traffic on Farrington Hwy. It is an extremely dangerous patch of road to be walking and we pray that none of the dogs try to follow their owner's to the store or bus stop. Most of the owner's are keeping a close eye on their dogs but we cannot help but to think of ways to possible avoid a wandering dog getting struck by a car. That is how Cesar died. (click We'll Always Remember) Yesterday, March 16th (Tues), we went and re-bandaged Mochi (12year old new dog on the beach). He has a nasty injury from another dog that was larger than him. Click Medical Issues and Updates for his story and pictures...

Posted 03/15/10:

It was a very eventful day on March 15th. The planned beach sweep was being done and we were there to make sure that no dogs were left behind or had wandered back to the area that they called 'home', for many years. HPD was amazing for their patience and good-spirits. They alerted us that a male pit bull was left behind, tied to a tree and they reported that the dog was aggressive. We immediately got on the phone with a supporter to see about an emergency holding for him. Kennel panels were planned to be placed up, ready to receive him. After handling a small fox terrier mixed dog that was wandering around, looking for her owner (now reunited!), we ran over to see which dog was left behind. It was a bully that we have never seen before. He was left to guard human possessions. After some time, we were able to handle the dog and he was fine. He was only doing the 'job' he was left for and that was to not allow anyone near the person's belongings. We gave him some toys and he acted like a puppy! At closer inspection, we noticed that the dog had stitches on his neck and a shaved area for an IV. The scene was strange. Someone had obviously taken him to the vet for treatment but yet, he had the most mangled, pieced-together, make-shift harness on him. Part of a tow strap, phone cord, computer cord, a broken collar, a bandana and a padlock! We knew that we had to call our vet friends to alert them of our find. We feared that he may have been stolen. We discovered that this dog was purposely stabbed in the neck and that his owners had paid for his treatment. Why would someone pay to save his life weeks earlier, only for him to end up with someone else who had left him?


This dog was reported to have been hidden in the tent, prior to the beach sweep.

Look can see the cables, padlock, rope, tow straps.

This dog's owner's information was given over and they were contacted. We wish this boy the very best as he reunites with his true owner.


HPD rolled of the ATVs and the cleaning starts                 This red bully mix came running up to us,confused.We reunited them.

HoneyBoy, who used to live at this beach, wandered back in the area and was scared and very confused. He kept going back to his old area and really looked stressed. He would sniff around and look down the stretch of the beach. He went to the bathroom area to sniff and loof further. HPD tried catching him but we told them that HoneyBoy was nervous and they would never be able to grab him. They were extremely worried about him going onto Farrington Hwy and getting hit by a car. We called in reinforcements from Spice's papa. He is the only one who HoneyBoy trusts, besides his owner. He went to get him and take him to his owner's new area.

Some C & C workers cleaning up.

All in all, it was a successful day! We made sure that the dogs were reunited with their people and that the abandoned bully was safe. All of the houseless doggies are where they should be but we will check the beach daily. A move is stressful for any dog--house or no house. The houseless move seems to heighten their stress even more as they get used to staying in a new, safe, area.......until the next sweep.

Posting 01/12/10:



The phone rang at 7:31am. It was a cat rescuer from the area. I heard panic in her voice. I flew down there to try to save puppies that were tossed in a boat harbor dumpster. Cruel! They were strewn about in the bottom of a filthy, liquid mucked-out dumpster. We pulled them out and started resuscitation. I called another experienced friend to come and help in the effort. For one puppy, it took a long time to revive her but we saw the pink color come back to her nose and we could not have been more relieved. There were a total of 6 puppies that were literally thrown away like opala! Thankfully, 4 survived. She has a chance. They have a chance. They were not going to die by drowning in human refuse!!! Mahalos to Malama Popoki for calling us, to the ladies of Waianae Vet for the last minute warm bottles of saline, clean potty pads and well wishes and also to the 2 officers who responded to our report.

(here's the female, who was in that puddle. It took the longest to revive her. Her cord is still attached!)

 This is what we have to deal with and see! Selfish acts by irresponsible, ignorant, people who could have reached out for help, had they cared.We hope that this raises awareness about how badly the education and assistance is needed out there. Grateful donations will help us to continue our efforts in fighting for the innocents and allow us to offer Spay/Neutering to the less advantaged, through our vet.

This suffering could have been avoided! We also hope that this will shed light on how we, as a community, need to fight for the Neuter Now program to stay as it is/expand it, call for better laws, stricter enforcement and stiffer penalties for heartless, cowardly abuse of an innocent!

YOUR voice can be heard!





 01/13/10 UPDATE: The 4 surviving pups did not thrive and they passed away naturally. We only take comfort in knowing that the pups did not die in that nasty dumpster. Mahalo to you all for your words of encouragement and uplifting support! Everything possible was done to try to ensure that they would make it. We knew it was a long shot and that the pups experienced severe trauma but we had to try to give them the fair shot that they so deserved. Only with your help, can we Stop the Cycle of overpopulation, abandonment and cruelty.



PRECIOUS IS MISSING! PASS THE WORD, PLEASE HELP US FIND HER! Her distraught owner says that she last saw her at about 12-1p,Friday (Jan.1st) from Makaha Area. 

Precious is wearing an off yellow colored harness. She can be very shy. Please call: 853-7268 if you have her.

here she is on Dec.20th, getting checked by our vet. 




Posted: 12/15/09

2 Santa doggies, Magic and Oreo, worked diligently with their owner to purchase and pack up gifts for ALL of the dogs on the beach! Each dog got size and age appropriate toys and treats! Some got much needed collars and leashes, some got little rugs to lay on and even a doggie bed for an old lady dog named, Pretty! Magic and Oreo wanted to share some cheer with the less fortunate dogs that we help. We took on the role as Santa's helpers as we made the deliveries on Fri and Sat.

We were joined by Kanaka Hekili brother, RedNeck. He was a great help as we passed out the presents and gave it to each dog. Now, we are sure that all of what he saw must have been overload for him to process at the time but we are positive that he really enjoyed meeting the dogs and handing them toys and treats. One specific dog, Ehu, melted into his lap as he was giving her rubs and scratches. We thoroughly enjoyed having him come along with us and look forward to meeting more of the brotherhood of Kanaka Hekili MC.

See some of the pictures from Friday and Saturdays' deliveries....



Posted: 12/10/09

One of our docs at Animal House is sadly leaving the state soon. She has seen many rescues come in and out of those doors at the vet office and she wants to give the gift of health for Christmas!! She is going to come out with us to provide shots and deworming for the dogs! We started spreading the word to the owners and they are very excited at the possibility of getting their pups protected by the shots! Many have known puppies who past away and can recall stories of horrible suffering. For them, this is a blessing. For us, it is not only a blessing but words cannot describe what we felt when she told us that she wanted to help the dogs like this!

Here she is with Josie (our SpokesDog) and some of the awesome gals at Animal House. 


Posted: 12/09/09


We are glad to report that Tubs will be fine! He overcame Parvo! Being an unvaccinated puppy is life threatening!
He will be neutered as soon as the doc says it is safe for him. For progressive info, see "Medical Issues and Updates". We also have pics and video of his healing!
Mahalo to you all for Tubs' well-wishes and special donations that helped him stay warm and clean. Especially, Magic and Oreo!! Two handsome male dogs from Kahala donated blankets, potty pads, good food, treats, and toys to help cheer Tubs up during his fight with Parvo. Too cute!

Posted: 11/28/09

On November 20, 2009 a couple of us from K9 Kokua were able to participate in a beach clean up. The expected turn out was to be small (only about 5 or 6 of us) but no one worried. When we met up at the designated spot, we saw about 10 people in green shirts. They were obviously not from here and seemed like tourists, in a way. As everyone met and we started out with our supplies, we learned that they just arrived that morning @ 7:15am!! They came here for 5 days just to do beach clean ups!! It was amazing! We felt honored to meet them and also embarrassed that people from another country came just to clean up our beaches. Afterwards, we all gathered at dusk and had a potluck bbq. We shared stories of what large amounts of trash we found and one of them asked, while gazing up---if the stars were always that bright here. Everyone also exchanged little movie clips. One of the guys that was a part of their crew, danced in a troupe back in Japan. We huddled around his phone and watched him dance. Another had the Japanese version of UFC fighting on his phone and we all 'oohed' and 'ahhed' over the characters that came out on stage. One of them was dressed up like the video game character, 'Mario.' There was a lot of laughter and a couple of the girls started asking us questions about the area and what kinds of food they should try before they left. One of them knew about malasadas!
We had a great time visiting with them. They were full of life! We were very glad to have crossed paths with them! We are the better for it!
55 Pawsh Place Adoption Event was crazy! It was lots of fun and it got crowded. We ended up having all siblings in attendance! Which was a pleasant surprise. We bow to thee wonderful 55 Pawsh Place for putting up with the pups and being so cordial, as always, to everyone who comes in to your store. Mahalo for also taking in donations at your comfy, home-like store!
If it were not for you, we would not have met Little Nala's future papa. We think the match is superb and cannot wait to progress to the next step of Adoption!
Many people have already asked us when is the next Adoption Event! 
                   Kea with her Foster Papa.            Kea playing with her toy @ 55 Pawsh Place 
Super Foster Mama Barb and Kia!

All tired out from the excitement of the day @ 55 Pawsh Place!

Today was a GREAT day for K9 Kokua!! The little thin Chihuahua Mix puppy got a home! (see below for our plea and his first pic, posted on 11/08) No more being subjected to spending time in a cooler or feeling hunger pains! We were told by the previous owner's mom, that this little fella was badly neglected. Well, no more of that! He was privately adopted by Anna and her Ohana! K9 Kokua gave Anna a few items to help them get started with their new life together. Now, this little pup, who once had no name is now known as 'Quique'. Mahalo to Anna and her family for opening their hearts and home to Quique! We'll keep in touch with them and let you all know how he is doing. YAY for happy endings to bad situations!
Posted:11/12 @ 10:30am
FDA issues alert on two treats
Release Date: Monday, November 09, 2009

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a health alert to advise consumers not to use Pig Ears and Beef Hooves pet treats manufactured by Pet Carousel Inc. due to possible Salmonella contamination.

The products were distributed nationwide to petfood and retail chain stores.

One of the stores, PetSmart, reacted with its own voluntary recall of two Beef Hoof products manufactured by Pet Carousel.

The company recalled products include Dentley's Bulk Cattle Hoof and Dentley's 10 Pack Beef Hooves purchased between October 2 and November 3, 2010.





POSTED:11/10 @ 10:40pm:

Flash Flood Watch remains in effect through late Thursday Night.(11/12)
Heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop as a strong upper level low develops north of the islands tonight, and tracks over the islands Wednesday. The upper low will remain near the islands through at least Thursday, Continuing The threat for flash flooding.
Precautionary/preparedness actions,
A flash flood watch means that conditions may develop that lead to flash flooding. Prepare now for the possibility of very heavy rainfall that could cause flash flooding.
Campers and hikers should pay particular attention to later Forecasts. Stay away from creeks, Streams, And Other Flood prone areas. Remember that it does not have to be raining where you are for flash flooding to occur.





We finally got to see this puppy! And oh my goodness, he needs a home!! There are no available Foster Homes at this time so we are trying to see if someone wants to take this dog in, privately, with the promise of getting his necessary medical care. We strongly suggest that if someone wants him, we can try our best to arrange it (it took so long just to get a peek at him). But you'd have to take him right in to see your vet. Please pass the word on, that is the only way that we can try to find help for him. Word of mouth rocks!



Today, November 2nd, a beach sweep was done on a small section of a beach in Nanakuli. Cleaning up the area is a benefit for the whole community. There was lots of trash and the homeless in that area did not Malama Ka Aina! This stretch of beach should not be used as a picture of what all the homeless beaches look like, but this area was really badly kept. We were there to be sure that no dogs were left behind by their owners. One dog was! We were furious, but not surprised by it. This particular owner should not even have dogs and she has caused us many headaches in the past. Each time we have gone to check on the dogs, she is never there. Her dogs hardly had human contact. Needless to say, we checked on her dogs more often. We have tried many times to have her give the dogs up but she always refused. Well, now she has no say. She abandoned her. While out there, we were speaking with the C&C and HPD, communicating our intention for the dog. We are going through the proper legal channels to bring this dog to safety. We are hoping that we can find someone to Foster the dog left behind until we can find her a home.

Please send your well wishes for success in placing this sweet, old girl into a home that will show her true love.


K9 Kokua will hold it's first Adoption Event


55 Pawsh Place.

Check back for more details!

October 17, we took new pics of the dogs. We hope that a lot of the owner's allow us to place the dogs on the site for you all to see their precious faces!

Watch The Pet Hui on OC16 this Wednesday, Oct. 14 @ 7:30pm. Makia, one of our rescued pups is making her debut! She is seeking a home with another dog to call, brother.


THE SALE WAS A SUCCESS! Mahalo to all of the supporters who came out and purchased items!  

K9 Kokua is holding a Multi-Family Sale @ Maili Beach Park (roadside) to raise funds for the dogs!

Be there or be square!

Saturday 10/10/09


We'll have Doggie Costumes, Misc holiday household items, baby items, a Pump Scooter, Helmet and Pads, Heelys (the kind with 4 wheels, not 2!), Books & all kinds of stuff!!! 


Click here to donate and help save a life!

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