Kupa’a is a lovely dog seeking a home with a person(s) who are able to spend lots of quality time with her. 

She loves to snuggle and sometimes the poor girl gets scared if a human isn’t around so she needs a home where someone is home most of the time. 

This sweet and vocal bully mix would flourish best in a home with no cats or small children (to avoid knocking them over). She has been known to get along with a nice dog but if she would be the only dog in the home, she would not mind one bit as long as she has a human to cuddle up to. 

Having her own dog bed indoor and a secured yard to safely  run around in at playtime would be GRReat! If you have a large, enclosed lanai to lounge around on, Kupa’a would love it. 

She likes to play with toys and still requires some guidance as her previous life did not offer much in the way of training. 


We are unsure what occurred in her past to cause this special, wiggle-butt to suffer from separation anxiety but thankfully a well-monitored management is working for her. 

If you like to travel a lot or are away from home all day, Kupa’a is not the girl for you. She craves stability and a life free of worry. She would be miserable in a home with frequent changes or if you’re away from home too long.

Kupa’a is an amazing dog and doesn’t require much but what she does require, must be consistently provided. This means making sure her breed is allowed in your home and for any future moves you may make. 

Adoption is a lifetime commitment and for Kupa’a, humans have repeatedly failed her in the past. 

This is her shot at a permanent home with someone who will shower her with proper daily care, attention and love! 

*Due to her breed, there can be no restrictions pertaining to having her on your rental lease! 

If you can devote the time and stability, while also keeping her separation anxiety needs in mind, please submit an adoption application for her.