This page HAS NOT BEEN updated FOR A LONG TIME.. We are leaving it up until these older photos can be transferred to an album.

We leave it up so you can see some of the horrific circumstances that these dogs endured.
The compassion of many people who came together to save their lives is no less than amazing.
We greatly appreciate your support!

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They were picked up by a good samaritan who saw an online ad about their discovery by a beach house renter in Mokuleia, Hawaii.

They were cold, very uneasy around humans and the neglect left their bodies weak and fear paralyzed them. 


 The twins climbed over each other and entwined nervously on their older brother as he settled into a curled up position. Poor innocents...


 01/08/13: (below) They were released from ICU!!!! They are still very weak and their immune systems are not strong but they are well enough to go into private foster homes and continue their healing process. The twins' older brother, Lock, is doing well in his foster home and is on his way to healing and learning many new things! Here, the twins' are pictured with their fosters who met them for the very first time upon being released from the vet hospital.


Baby girl fell asleep in the arms of her foster mama and baby boy was wide awake and very unsure of what was going on.

Get well soon babies!!!


 01/09/13: They woke up to a fresh start in their fosters homes. Obviously, still very tired from their stay in ICU but also anxious as any puppy would be. By these puppies are not "normal". They are severely abused puppies who need lots of patience and safety so that they grow up to be strong and balanced!


The twins have been released from ICU and this picture is of Prince and his new fosters! The tender understanding that he will need to overcome all the neglect and abuse that he previously endured is evident by his foster papa's actions here. He speaks to him softly and makes sure to only offer gentle and slow movements. There is a long road to recovery ahead as the twins' immune system is still so very fragile and weak. They will be going to see their Dr in a couple of weeks for a check up, shots, wormer and possible prescription medication adjustment. The pups will be on a course of medication 2x a day for a month (at least) but they both have fosters that vowed to do right by them and we cannot wait to see the twins' progress! Mahalo to everyone for your support for the 3 innocent puppies who were dumped and left to die. We could not help them without your aloha!




Please scroll down for the progression of this boy's story. An absolutely disgusting act of senseless and mind-blowing cruelty. This poor little fella, Conan, not even in his first year of life, was the victim of a stabbing! He was found by his owner, unconscious and bleeding profusely. His owner called us fearing that the worse may happen without the proper medical care. We arrived on scene the morning of June 25, 2011. Armed with our medical kit not knowing exactly what to expect, we see Conan laying on a sheet-covered pillow and he was not responding. Seeing his condition we immediately loaded him up and rushed him to our vet.














To help puppies, like Conan, with medical, please feel free to use the PayPal button here on our website or give directly to the vet that he is being treated at. Animal House Vet (808-689-1797) will take any CC/Debit pymt over the phone in any amount! Be sure to let them know that you would like your gift to be applied towards K9 Kokua's account. 

 Needless to say, we filed a cruelty report. He fought to stay alive and won. He was admitted in critical condition while everyone prayed that he didn't have neurological damage/swelling of the brain. For the next couple of days he rested until his condition stabilized and he was safe for surgery, all the while receiving IV fluids and pain management.














 It is suspected that he was stabbed and/or clubbed in the head, stabbed in the leg and sliced across his back. In surgery, it was discovered that he had blood on the outside of his stomach lining and upon his neutering it was discovered that blood was found around his testes indicating further trauma.

 He is very attached to his owner and would never roam away from camp and is shy of new people. She is angry over someone hurting her baby and prays that he can make a full recovery.


 Conan has been fortunate to have found a temporary foster, who also works at the vet clinic where he is being treated, who has opened her home and ohana to Conan while he recovers. Here he is with new pal Copper.  Copper has been helping Conan to recover by offering a calm canine presence. He snuggles near Conan as if he knows he isn't feeling well. Back at home, Conan has a brother named Fats. They have never been separated since birth so having Copper there during recovery also heals his spirit.

 Here's Conan on Aug. 9, 2011 during our visit. 2 weeks after his attack he has healed so much.  He had to go back in for minor surgery on Aug. 4th for the stab wound to his left tricep due to it healing from the outside in, instead of the other way around.  There has been no other complications due to this vicious attack, but head injuries are so complex that he needs to be watched closely for the rest of his life for any signs of seizures or any other neurological issues.


  On the tearful afternoon of Aug. 10, 2011, his mama relinquished Conan to us.  She loves him so much, she was thinking about his well-being and what was right for his long term health and safety.  She was heart broken and said that it felt like she was giving up a child.  She asked if Conan would think that she abandoned him.  We assured her that he would not be upset and that he feels her love for him.

We are happy to announce that Conan's foster home was more than happy to welcome him into their ohana permanently!!  He has been adopted by them and they will make sure he has immediate access to any veterinarian care in the future. Go to our facebook Community page to see frequently updated pictures of Conan.

This picture was taken in Oct 2011. Doesn't he look great?! 

Please spread the word!! There are no current suspects that have been identified.  It is up to us in the community to spread the Aloha and stomp out cruelty.



Maka: 7 Month old pup with PARVO! For pictures and info about his fight with this nasty virus from the first day that we were contacted about him, scroll to posting from 05/29/10. (To keep everyone updated, we post new pictures and info often, when a dog is having serious medical issues) Mahalo.*we never do any serious medical treatment of any kind unless advised by our veterinarian

MAKA BEAT PARVO!!!!! We went to officially release him from quarantine and brought him a donated dog bed, collar and toy! Just look at that face!

Princess at her vet visit. She was not able to hold her water down and it was an unusually long time for it to be lasting so we got her in to vet. Doc thinks that her spay scar may be irritating her belly and basically triggering a reflex.

She since, has been doing well.

We will keep a close ear out for any changes in her routine.

 Her papa was so thankful that we got her into the vet, he gave us $10! We were very touched by his gesture of responsible ownership!

Maka will be completely weaned off of his special diet food on Sunday 06/13! He is doing very well and should be out of quarantine soon!  Maka has lost a bit of weight during his PARVO fight, so now we will concentrate on getting him back up to normal weight before his neuter! If you would like to donate anything directly for Maka (his neuter cost, shots, food, linens, collar, ID tag,etc..) we will take pics of him receiving his special gifts!Animal House Vet (689-1797) to donate for his medical costs. PayPal to gift towards his needs. We can meet you anywhere to pick up any supplies or you can mail your gift to:     K9 Kokua P.O. Box 2471 Waianae,Hi 96792

We are very touched by your prayers and moral support for Maka.

Maka on Thursday 06/10

Posted 06/07/10

Maka is doing much better! He is no longer needing IV fluids as he has been able to drink water and hold it down. We slowly introduced a special diet of solid food for him. things are looking great for Maka! He will still need to stay quarantined and he is on a strict time schedule for water and food. The process is slow but he should be eating normally very soon!! Then, his next vet visit will be for his neuter! Mahalo to you all for all of the great thoughts and prayers for Maka!

Please help K9 Kokua continue to be able to offer this type of life-saving medical. We are running extremely low on medical funds @ Animal House Vet. You can donate through PayPal (button to the right of your screen) OR you can call in a credit card payment directly to our vet @ 689-1797. Tell them that you would like to make a payment on K9 Kokua's account. Mahalo for your support for the dogs!!

                           Maka on Thursday, 06/03/10)




Maka on Tuesday, 06/01





Maka, pictured on Friday 06/04, giving 'high 5'!

Maka being offered his first bite of food in 10 days! Sunday 06/06

Princess' mama called saying that she has been vomiting her water and some food. We know that after Princess' spay, she had a reaction to her pain medication and we had to switch it for a different one at the vet but she has not been on meds for a while. We called the vet and she said that Princess would need fluids to be sure that she would stay hydrated. We will be monitoring her very closely and will be putting her on a bland diet, for now. Here she is today, Tuesday 06/01/2010...


Maka is still fighting the PARVO. For his 7am treatment on Tues (06/01) he gave a wag of the tail but he is still feeling down. We are trying everything possible to give him what he needs to fight this and beat it!! Please continue to send your good thoughts Maka's way.

                        Sunday 7am                         Sunday 7pm treatment


Maka's 7a treatment on Monday

 When we went out on Saturday night (05/29), for Maka's 7pm treatment, the camp was empty. First reaction=confused. Where the heck are they? Maka's carrier wasn't there and it looked as if they were coming back. After numerous attempts and also asking around, I reached them. They told me that they moved off of the beach! Still confused as to how they did not share that with us, but it is what it is. It is certainly great news! Maka is off the beach! His treatment was a little late last night so it was already dark. Sorry, no pictures of last night's treatment. (didn't want the flash disturbing him) When we arrived early Sunday morning (05/30/2010) he did not have any diarrhea and was alert! His papa told us that he was even trying to catch a fly in his mouth, when it flew near his face. He is regaining some energy and spunk. We are still watching him closely. He is not out of the woods yet and could still lose his battle. Please continue sending your good thoughts his way!

If you would like to contribute towards our medical fund, you can either donate via Pay Pal (donation button in sidebar) or call in a credit card payment to Animal House Vet, in Ewa Beach. (689-1797). Just be sure you tell them that you would like to pay towards K9 Kokua's account. Your gift enables us to keep helping these dogs that would normally die in excrutiating pain. The dogs deserve a fighting chance!



 The above 2 pictures were taken on 05/29, for Maka's 7AM PARVO treatment. (on beach)


Maka, the 7 month old male pup with suspected Parvo. We got him right into the vet for testing!

The gang at Animal House took us right in to get his testing started. We appreciate their efficiency and true heart for the dogs!! They take their time with the dogs and never make us feel rushed or that any of our questions are unwelcomed.

 Dr.Stewart and Ofc.Mgr,Chris are taking a look at Maka.








 K9 Kokua's Kristen is holding Maka for his sample collection. (she did not touch anything after handling Maka.This is a highly contageous virus and she is experienced with proper containment) 



Here he is settled back at 'home'. We will be there twice a day for his treatments. Please send your good thoughts and energy towards Maka. He may not look like a pup but he is still very vunerable to this horrible virus!


A new ohana to the beach was discovered recently and they had a geriatric, unaltered, terrier mix, male with a serious injury. As we all converged to offer assistance, they told us that a guy from a rescue came over and gave them 6 pills. We asked for more info about the pills and they told us that they were not told the name of the pill or when to give it to Mochi. We were just grateful Mochi did not have a reaction to whatever was given to them by this man.

Immediately, we noticed Mochi's nails. They were horrifically long and he limped. Then we asked ourselves...why didn't the 'pill-giver' pay attention to that?

Mochi was very calm and gracious as we cleansed his wounds and tried to get someone that would claim 'owning' him. His owner had past away and the family kept him around. Lucky for Mochi, his wound was not infected as we thought it may be. His immune system was quite surprising. The family reported that Mochi and another dog got into a fight 2 weeks prior to us visiting them on this day. After thoroughly cleaning his wounds, First-Aid treatment continued. We wrapped him up well, while educating the eager keiki who were watching and asking questions. They were interested in things like why did we had to wrap him up, what did we clean his wound with, can he walk with it (the bandage), etc.. We spoke to them about proper vet care, not wrapping his bandage too tight or it will cut off circulation, the need to keep a close eye on Mochi and that we will come back to help him more.

After Mochi's wound was properly wrapped, we trimmed his long, deformed nails. We noticed that one of his nails had broken at the quick and that was causing him pain. He whined softly as we gently trimmed it.




 Update! Here he is the very next day, On March 16. We went back to remove his old bandage, cleanse his wound, re-apply ointment and apply fresh bandaging. Mochi is feeling a bit brighter and eating well!

 His feet probably felt so good, too! Look at his nails--they are finally short enough where he can put pressure on his whole pad. His toes must be happy!






On March 2nd, we took Chiquita in for her vet appointment. We noticed that she was coughing and wanted to get her into the vet as soon as possible. Chiquita is about 10-11 yrs old and her owners have had her most of her life. While at Animal House, the doc checked her out and tested her blood. Nothing was obstructing Chiquita's airways and we hoped that it was not kennel cough or heartworms. Thankfully, she tested negative for heartworms!!! She was, however, positive for Ehrlichia. Although she never usually has ticks, all it took was one--to infect her.


Chiquita was given medications and strict instructions. We were grateful that secondary education was being given to her owners while they were there. Animal House's staff knows how hard we try to convince the owners to spay/neuter so they take the time to interject even more education to top ours. It is more valid coming from a vet office who can share first hand knowledge of aweful consequences to not altering dogs and we appreciate having their backup as we strive daily, in our mission! Animal House ROCKS!

Here's a picture of Snowball being frisky. Mahalo for all of your well wishes! She is doing well and for living her whole life on the beach, she only had one accident in Foster! She is such a good girl! And so smart, too!

Look at the cute little snow bunny! She had a fantastic rest and was ready to explore her new world around. We will be posting more pictures soon. She is doing fine right now with her Fosters and is a happy gal.


Snowball was released from the vet yesterday! It was a GREAT day for her and she was very happy. The vet staff was sad to see her leave and asked us to bring her back soon so they could visit with her. She certainly charmed everyone there with her long eyelashes and gentle kisses of thanks. She was well enough to receive her shots and bordatella vaccinations. She did well last night and did not have an accident in the house.

All is well and she is still safe at the vet. She has been able to heal a bit and we expect her to be released very soon. The vet staff have bonded with her and you can see in her eyes, that she adores them. Her Foster has met her and he left her an item of his so she could get used to his scent. We will see if he can visit her once more, before she is released so that she is most comfortable. She is spayed and soon her immune system should be well enough to get her shots. Mahalo to you all for giving her the gift of life!!

(here she is meeting her Foster)

Posted: January 27

Snowball did not escape her run and was able to rest and heal! We were very happy. Everyday that Snowball is able to rest at the vet, without reinjuring herself, is precious healing time. Of course, we are still concerned about tonight and hope that she does not attempt to get out and have another set back. We are praying for the best. We should be meeting with a potential Foster tomorrow and we will prepare them for her arrival. For the smoothest outcome, we would like to be able to have her Foster start to visit with her at the vet before she is released.

Mahalo for all of your prayers, well-wishes and way-to-go's. Your support is why Snowball has a chance!!

On Jan.26th,2010 Snowball, our new amputee, escaped from her cage at the vet! This is the second time that this has happened and it is obvious that she just needs human interaction more than anticipated. She has been through trauma. First gettting hit by the car, then going into a strange place, then waking up to find...hey, where's my leg? She is functioning fine without it but this whole ordeal has put a toll on her. She reinjured herself in the escape and had to be resedated and the site had to be reclosed. It was very hard for us to hear that she had hurt herself. We just want the fastest recovery for her and now, it's pushed back a bit. We are also faced with more of a medical bill for her. Our awesome supporters have been so generous to give any little bit that they could and we bow to you all!

It was definitely a back step in her recovery but the main thing is that she is alive,happy and very eager to be loved.

(we will post more pictures, but having issues...pls.check back for the initial, pre-amputation vet pics)

On Jan.20 Snowball chewed through her lead and ran out into Farrington Hwy. We got the call from her papa who told us that she'd been hit and needs help. We went down and immediately took Snowball to the vet. On the way there, we spoke with her papa and told him that he would need to think about possibly relinquishing ownership, if her medical needs were too great. He selflessly agreed. He said that if it meant saving her life, he would give her up. It was very clear that he loves her but he knew that it was too much for him to handle and he gave her up to give her a chance at a safe life.

After her xrays and stabilizing medication, the vet said that amputation was the plan. We started to tell everyone that we knew to please spread the word that we needed help with the surgery bill. If we couldn't raise the funds, she would not have made it.

A HUGE MAHALO to all of Snowball's angels who gave her the gift of life! The payments were graciously accepted through our vet, Animal House.  She lives because of you all!! You pulled together for the sake of a dog in need and she survived! She has also been signed over to K9 Kokua. We will find her a new home when she is healed.

We are searching for a Foster Home for Snowball. One that will be home with her so that she can feel safe and happy while she discovers great new things, being indoors. She is a little over a year old and has a strong spirit.

On December 15, 2009 We got a call from FatGirl's owner sayng that she 'ripped' open!! We gave her instructions until we got there to assess. We trimmed her fur, flushed her wounds, applied ointment and wrapped her up. I called the vet to describe the situation. FatGirl's wounds are a direct effect to her milk being 'backed up'. (see the posting below for info and pics) One of her teats was clogged and warm compress (as instructed by the vet) did not work. The puppies did not even want to feed on that teat. So, it ruptured!

On the second day, 12/16/09, her wounds looked much better. Swelling went down and the wound was starting to close from within. We cleaned again and repeated the same thing from the day before. Wrapping bandages securely and she did very well. She was such a good girl for her wound treatments. We will be checked on her again and the wound looked so much smaller. She was healing fast! Her injury could have been prevented by simple common sense...THE PUPS WERE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BE AWAY FROM HER!


Ever seen someone 'milk' a dog? Well, now you have. When we arrived on December 11, 2009 to deliver FatGirl's Christmas Presents, we noticed that she was not acting normal. She did not come up to us and looked as if she was in pain. We immediately looked around for her 7 puppies and did not see them. We were confused and worried at the possiblities of their disappearance. We went right in to start looking FatGirl over and discovered that she was engorged with milk. So bad that she could hardly walk! Instinct took over and we started to relieve the pressure by milking her. As we started, her owner appeared and we asked her where the puppies had gone to. Her friend had them and they had been gone from her for over a day!! Education started. We told her of the danger that she put FatGirl in and to get the puppies back IMMEDIATELY! We asked what were the puppies eating if they were not nursing and she said solid food. It frustrated us beyond all extent. Poor FatGirl, we don't know why they were taken from her but as soon as we were done, she rushed over to the grass to use the bathrom. We have no idea how long it had been since she could even go potty! Here are a few pictures of us helping alleviate her pain.



On December 20, 2009 TUBS WAS RELEASED FROM QUARANTINE!!! His mama immediately took him right down to the water after our vet gave the 'all clear' for him to be out. It was a glorious day and we were filled with joy as we watched him swim and dive under the water, playing with his mama. We yelles out many times...YAY TUBS! as he swam in the little natural rock 'pool' fronting his area. It was hard for us watching him in his carrier, knowing that he wanted to come out so very badly. His mama made good on her promises to us to listen to whatever we advised her to do. The next step for Tubs is neutering!

Here he is on his day of freedom!


12/09/09PM: Tubs' mama called in the morning and said that he ate his breakfast very well and was doing well. We saw him for his dinner and he was terrific! He is enjoying toys that were given to him by 2 dogs named, Magic and Oreo. These two handsome pooches wanted to send Tubs a bit of cheer during his recovery and we thought it was precious when we saw that the items said, "To: Tubs From: Magic and Oreo". We will still post updates on him, as he is still in seclusion, but just not as often as this past week while he struggled with the Parvo. 

12/08/09AM: Well, Tubs held down his water and is doing alright. He drank a little bit more at intervals during the late night and early morning. He had his first tast of dog food this morning and he scarfed it down. Actually, it looked like he inhaled it. If all goes well, he will have a little more @ lunch time. We will see him later today to make sure that his progress is still on track. See his video from this morning! Acting like a 'normal' puppy.    He'll have to be in the carrier for a bit longer but it is only for his well-being and the safety of the other dogs around him. (we will post pictures and vdeos from this morning, later)

12/08/09Mid-AM: We got a call from Squeaky's mama saying that he was attacked by a big dog. She wanted us to come down because 'something was on his leg'. We told her that we'd be down as soon as we could be. We asked some questions and got part of the story. We headed out to see him.

When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised to see that his wounds were not what we envisioned. It was so much better! They described another dog grabbing him and picking him up off of the ground. We were disgusted to hear that anything else could be going on with him. Especially after waiting so long for his buns to heal! In fact, it opened up a little bit! We trimmed some fur and cleansed his wounds. It was practically nothing to be concerned about but we were glad that they called.


12/07/09PM: Tubs drank the water! He took in an amount that we felt comfortable with so, no more IV! We instructed his mama to offer more water at certain intervals and to monitor him closely. If all goes well with him tonight then he will have his first bite of food tomorrow!! He hasn't had anything by mouth since Wed night, we hope it sits well with his tummy. Oh, and those toys that we mentioned...they're destroyed. Tubs' mama seemed a little concerned that he 'ruined' them. We told her, that is exactly what they are for and not to worry. The toy served it's entire purpose-it kept him from being bored. It was obvious that he had a great time with them! She's never had a dog that played with toys much. This is another new thing that she is experiencing with him. 

12/07/09AM: Tubs was incredibly lively today! We still gave him his treatment and he should graduate just fine, to drinking water on his own. Hopefully, he can hold it down! Check out the video (titled:Tubs 12/07/09, MondayAM) from this morning!

12/06/09PM: On a very worrisome note-----the City came by and told everyone to be aware. The waves are expected to be 20-30 feet tonight!!! Right now as I type this, I can hear the ocean raging! It is now 11pm. When we arrived at Tubs' tent tonight, everyone was packing up and preparing. People were gathered, chatting and waiting. Making sure that everyone will be ok. Making sure that their dogs are not facing the water. Making sure that their tent does not get pulled into the ocean. Yesterday morning, a tent and 2 rubbish cans got swept away and were spotted about 150 yds off shore. Tubs was in great spirits tonight. We did our usual, this time he had an even harder time staying still. He wanted to wriggle around. Each time the camera came near him, he'd pose!! We're not kidding!! If he saw that you were going to take a picture of him, he'd follow the camera. As we smiled at such a silly boy that he was being, we were worried about the rest of the night to come. We reminded everyone to call us if things get too rough and they have to evacuate. Some of them have trucks packed and ready with things gathered, ready to haul. Tubs is warm. We made sure to change his linens and taped up windblock on his carrier. He's cozy in there. His carrier is on a table, under a light. People are sitting with him. But we still worry. It will be another long night for Tubs and his mama. We pray that the surf calms sooner than later. We won't get much sleep either, on the ready, just in case we're called.

This afternoon, we flew down to Kahala, picked up some MUCH needed toys, blankets and potty pads that were donated for Tubs. We needed it for his treatment tonight and the timing was superb! Mahalo Tubs' personal angel! It was actually a part of Tubs' Christmas Present that they got for him. (the box had lots of goodies for him:food,Kong,potty pads,blankets,toys and treats) The most special was the picture that was enclosed for Tubs and his owner. The toys came in extra handy as he is gaining strength and is starting to get bored sitting in his carrier. We keep telling everyone there, he is not well yet and to leave him be.

As we were wrapping up his carrier with windblock to keep him nice and warm, we heard a few squeaks from the carrier! Ah...we were glad. 

12/06/09AM: Check Tubs out before his morning treatment!! Thankfully, the waves were not too strong this morning. It was certainly a lot calmer than last night! The sprays of the waves had dampened the blanket covering the top of his carrier.

We placed a new sign on his carrier--


We told his mama that even though he has all of this regained energy and spunk, as it is a good sign, he still is not well enough yet. We told her that he will cry and whine and probably start barking to be let out. Resist the urge! Have will power. We know this is her 'baby' but her baby will have to stay secluded. Period.

12/05/09PM:Tubs was even better tonight! He was standing and wanted to get out of his carrier! The area around him is still experiencing big waves so his mama won't be getting a good night's sleep tonight. She'll be keeping watch to make sure that he stays warm and dry. We saw them 3 times today. It was a very long day for us. After we went home from this morning's treatment, we took a little breather and started packing up supplies to make our normal visits to everyone else. We checked on the other dogs to be sure they were doing alright with the recent weather. Thankfully, they are. Here are a few pics of Tubs from tonight...

We will keep posting these updates, he is not out of the woods yet but he is improving greatly!


12/05/09AM: Unfortunately, when we approached Tubs area this morning, we saw that the waves were so wild last night that many of the tents got wet or washed through. Tubs' area lost about a good 10 feet into his camp. His mama got up at 2am this morning to waves coming in her tent. Luckily, Tubs' carrier was on a table and he was not affected by it at all!! Phew! She had all of her things packed up and moved about 10 feet back. As we started to change his linens and start his morning treatment, all you could hear behind you was waves. And one of the local station's music was playing on the radio.

Gathered to the left of Tubs' area was a small crowd of wave fans. Sitting on the hill 100 feet away as we were starting his treatment. The setting is definitely humbling.

We were concerned. Concerned that the waves didn't wash up any further than they had. While everything was going on around us, we watched Tubs as he was sitting up for his treatment! I had to ask his mama to hold him to make sure that he wouldn't stand up. He was even better today!!! His determination is getting stronger. With this regained bit of energy, he was a very good little patient, as always. Mahalo for all of your well wishes as Tubs fights the effects of Parvo! Here are a couple pics of the surrounding area that he woke up to this morning...  



12/04/09: Tubs was brighter-eyed this morning on our visit. He still was blah but he gave a 4-sway tail wag when we approached. We were happy to see his spirit was strong!

Here he is, this morning...being a good little patient as always.

He is confined to this carrier in the enclosed tent area and when we or his owner, needs to have easy access to him, we remove the top of the carrier to avoid moving him around too much.

Please keep him in your thoughts as we help him battle this wicked disease!

 12/03/09: Tubs mama saw us on 12/02/09, Wednesday, and flagged us to tell us that Tubs (who is about 8 months old) was sick. He didn't want to eat or drink all day and he vomited a couple times. She was very worried and asked us to come look at him. We went home to grab our medical kit and got back to the beach at about 730pm or so and gave him IV fluids and some anti-vomit meds to get him through the night. We called the vet first thing this morning, Thursday (12/03), and got him in to see our pals at Animal House. Test came back positive for what we suspected....PARVO! We had a large carrier set up with pup pads and towels for him. We quartered 2 blankets and packed some extra puppy pads for him to make the ease of cleaning up after him, as frequent and as hygenic as possible. She will change his blankets and towels 2-3x a day (if not more) and wash his blankets in bleach. At the vet today, he recived more IV fluids and medication. We dropped him and his mama off and set him up in her tent, in the carrier. We went back down to the beach tonight (thur12/03) at about 8pm to give him more IV fluids and meds. We will be going to see Tubs early Fri morning for his next treatment and everyday, 2x a day for the next several days.

PLEASE keep Tubs in your prayers! We hope that he is strong enough to pull through this!

We want to see that smiley puppy face again, not this sad one. (see his 'normal' pic on 'Meet the Dogs in Need')

We will be posting updates and pictures, frequently, about him as this is a very serious disease. His life is in the balance right now. We spread the word to the surrounding area, alerting them of the parvo. Tubs mama and the surrounding crowd, got so much valuable education about Parvo today. Unfortunately, the circumstance forces her to learn it but we'll put money down that she will tell others about how serious this is and how they should be careful and to get their dogs' shots!!

Of course, because of our offered help with the proper medical care and after-care, we have required Tubs to be neutered. No ifs-and-or-buts about it! She wholeheartedly told us (and repeated it, too)--'yes, yes, of course. Whatever you guys say, I'm just grateful that he has a chance'. And in true awesome fashion, our beloved ofc. mgr. @ Animal House took the first chance to tell Tubs owner (at his visit today) that he should be neutered. Tubs' mama agreed and we just could not adore the ofc. mgr. more, than in that moment. To take that opportunity to inject spay/neuter advocacy, was terrific! We also look at it as also helping us to compound the education that we provide to the owners while out there on our beach visits. It solidifys any of our future education out there, too.


11/27/09: We are glad to report that little, old man Squeaky's butt wound is doing so well!! We went down specifically to check on him and a new dog that wandered into one of the homeless camps. 

Here is the new dog who wandered in. One of the keiki noticed an injury on his neck. After trimming the fur from around the wound, we could see that it was clearly infected. We flushed the wound well, applied ointment, wrapped it up and gave instructions to the ohana. This male dog wandered into Ali'i's area. Ali'i is the blue female bully. We are going back out tomorrow, the 28th, to check on him and see about progress of finding his owner. Rumor is that he came from someone who lives in 'the bushes' and the good samaritan family are waiting for him to come and claim his dog. This boy was such a great patient as we poked and prodded him.(gently, of course) We gave him 2 clean towels and a little donated pillow. He seemed to appreciate it right away as he couldn't wait to lie on it! We kept having to tell him 'wait boy, let us put it down first. hold on.' He made us laugh. We want to help him and make sure that if his owner does come to claim him, we keep track of this dog. We can only assume that someone cares about him by the great physical condition that he was in. Besides the injury. He wasn't too dirty either. We will work towards a great outcome for him.

One day as we were walking the beach, we saw Kaui's owner. He said he found this pit bull puppy in Nanakuli. As we looked the pup over, we saw that he had a skin condition. It wasn't serious yet but it was on the verge of getting worse, real fast. We cleaned the pup, named Bully (so original) and applied some spray to help his skin. See the padlock? We just felt a wave of sadness and anger when we saw it. We're glad to report that it came off. We will be trying to talk them into giving Bully up. They already have a female pit bull puppy that is about the same age. They are taking care of the puppies but we want to avoid any more sickly puppies roaming around (just like he was found). If we can find someone to take Bully, we can step up negotiations with his owner. We will gladly facilitate a direct adoption between his owner and the adopter. Of course, with the agreement that you will have his shots administered and that you will also have him neutered. That is the fastest way to help him get off the beach. We have no Foster homes available and we cannot wait until one opens up...he can't wait. So, the only way is to find a Private Adopter.

On our most recent visit, Bully's skin showed some improvement. We left some cleanser and spray for Bully's skin so his owner can continue to apply it between our visits. We will be dropping in to check on him.

11/06/09=Squeaky went to the vet and it does not look good. We think that it looks a little worse than it was when we saw him, last week Sat. We provided towels and strict,repeated instructions but still think that Squeaky was allowed to sit on the ground, and get sand and dirt in the wound. They said that they clean it every night and apply his cream and gave him his meds but we told them that if you do not help him to keep it clean, (rather than clean it after dirt got it) the meds can't work properly. Constantly clean. So, we are trying to find a plastic,portable pen type enclosure for them. We spoke to them about it before leaving the vet because they asked if they should keep in the carrier to heal. It's too small so we suggested a play pen. They stopped at a place in Ma'ili that sells lots of baby items but the lady was charging too much. So, they will McGyver one. This is where we will find out how truly loyal they are to him. If they get a makeshift pen up, he will have a controlled area to be in while he heals. He was sent home with different medications and a powder. Please heal quickly, little one.....We will be watching out for you very closely.

11/05/09=Kea, Little Nala, BT and Keahi are at the vet to being spayed! We have been waiting to get this part of their medical done so that they can go on to permanent homes. We will visit with them tomorrow to see how they are holding up after surgery. Well wishes little ones!

K9 Kokua made a vet appointment for Squeaky (a whopping 10 pounder) to get checked out. He has a REALLY big sore on his butt (bigger than a quarter!) and we know that it has to be painful for him. Oct.30,2009 was his appointment and he did SO very well! Such a little trooper. He didn't give anyone problems as he was being examined...even when they took his temperature, he tried to stay still. But when doc gloved up, we braced for what was to come next. Poor little guy, he said, NO! And all was well with that part of the exam.

Doc prescribed medication and ointment and the vet will recheck him in a week. Of course, we fit Squeaky with a little e-collar (cone) so that he couldn't reach his wound. We will stop in to check on him tomorrow (oct.31) and repeat medical instructions to be sure.

The worse case, is that it is cancer. Squeaky is about 14years old, so it wouldn't be uncommon. But, doc is optimistic that it is an infection that progressively got worse. We pray that it is a mere infection gone knarly.

Squeaky is a very quiet and affectionate dog. Doc commented on how obvious it was that he loved his owners. And they love him right back! They were very appreciative of the opportunity to have him seen by our vet and it makes us feel good knowing that we helped worried owners get medical attention for their hurt baby.

Here Squeaky is right after his vet visit...

We hope for a speedy recovery for this little old man of a doggie. He deserves it!!  



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