Rico Suave

This sweet little guy had a tumultuous past which he left behind on the day he was found emaciated and terrified.
Found dog ads went unanswered and we soon discovered why. He had been left behind by a human who moved back to the upper 48 without him!! We know this because we tracked her down to Florida.
She was informed that he was emaciated and needed vet care immediately, we could not provide said care with his registered owner in another state. She needed to transfer his microchip as she had no plans on returning to Hawai’i.
Instead of doing this and showing him one iota of compassion, she instead lied and stopped accepting our calls — forcing this innocent dog to have to wait for care!
We weren't going to let her cruel and irresponsible actions further harm him. Thankfully, we were able to receive the legal go-ahead to proceed with his intake and vet care. 

A dog suffering starvation is in danger of organ failure, especially small breed dogs and elderdogs. 

We are excited to report that after receiving all the vet care he needed and the daily love from his foster mamas, Rico is now healthy, happy and ready to take the next step in life!

Rico has had too many people in this past who could not commit to him and who ultimately abandoned him on Oahu. 

We promised him that he would never have to worry about incapable people ever again. He deserves to find permanent love and safety.

Could that be you? 

Please read on to be absolutely sure…


At 6.5 years old, he is mature in age but young at heart! All he wants is to do is be right at the side of his human.
Abandonment likely caused him to be fearful of being left again so his potential adopters need to understand that he requires human-companionship. Being so tiny, his large personality makes him all the more sweet to be around. He makes his fosters laugh on a daily basis! 

Rico does very well with other small dogs, and even large dogs that are tolerant of his lovebug need to kiss them in the face. 

To describe his energy, the word playful is the first that comes to mind. Rico is such a happy boy that he wants to play with the dogs and his humans as often as possible. He loves toys and his all-time fav is to carry a sock around. 


This K9 Casanova weighs approx. 11lbs. And is UTD on all vaccinations, bordatella and diagnostic testing. He is neutered, microchipped, potty-trained and protected from heartworm for a year.

Would you be his lifelong protector? Do you have the time to devote to him?
If so then Rico wants to hear from YOU! 

Serious applicants: click the button to submit an application to get the ball rolling! *pun intended.