Donations of dog items are appreciated!

Drop-off sites:

>Petco Pearl City, Oahu *must hand to a cashier.

>Central Maui Animal Hospital Kahului, Maui.

*must hand to reception. 

>VCA Family Animal Hospital

*basket on counter.

>VCA Kaneohe

*give to receptionist.

>Kapolei Pet Hospital

Occasional, long-term foster opportunities. 

There are many ways you can help a dog in need!

Help a dog in foster care!

Meet Mouser, 7lb. geriatric love bug. 

Mouser is in foster care and requires daily medication for previous trauma he sustained while houseless. 

Donate anything towards his care today! He loves soft dog beds, toys and roasted chicken! 
(he is on a special diet) 

Donate your time! 

Volunteer opportunities of all positions! 

  • Hold a collection drive! (prior approval first).
  • Be on a project committee. (2-6 months timeframe)
  • Lend your graphic artists skills for educational materials.
  • Create a custom item or art piece to raise funds. 
  • Volunteer at one of our community events booths. 
  • Volunteer any talent that you have, we can tailor a position around you!

Shop and support dogs in need.

Amazon Smiles 

By choosing K9 Kokua on your Amazon Smiles account, a portion of your purchase is donated to help the houseless and rescued dogs on Oahu and Maui! 

Seeking donated property or long-term land use. 

 The Center. be Hawaii's first state-of-the-art, all-encompassing community center to empower the expansion of our existing our programs for houseless dogs, the financially destitute and those affected by domestic violence. 

*No kenneling will be done on property. We are NOT a rescue group. We help good ohana remain together while empowering the humans with proper education and learning through individualized interaction. 

The Center.  

An all-encompassing resource for houseless dogs and their ohana, including: keiki learning and community service programs, KupunaDog care classes; severe weather evacuation resources and much, much more! 

For over twelve years, we have been providing outreach to the houseless camps and the next logical step is to acquire a "home base" where our services can be condensed and quadrupled! 

Having a piece of land or space is the first step. 

Would you help? Do you know a property owner that would enjoy a tax-write off for long-term land use in Kunia, Waipio, Wahiawa, Mililani or warehouse/office space that just sits? Please call us! 808-853-7267.