Information about adoption

We are not a rescue-focused group and cannot readily accept in stray dogs or dogs needing to be rehomed. Our main mission is to provide direct outreach to houseless dogs and those affected by domestic violence. The dogs in our foster care were either houseless or have been affected by cruelty in some way. Each dog has a background of unique circumstance and most have spent quite some time healing in foster care. 

Adoption is NEVER a first-come, first-served basis with us. Our priority is finding a permanent match for the dog. We provide any and all necessary treatment to bring the dog up to health prior to adoption. This may include treatment for parvo, surgery for broken limbs, heartworms, etc. While in foster care, each puppy or dog receives the rehabilitation required, according to their individual needs.

All adoptable puppies + dogs are up-to-date on shots, blood tests and fecal testing. Each are spayed/neutered, microchipped, wormed and current on ProHeart and flea/tick preventatives.
K9 Kokua additionally provides Post-Adoption Support for life of the dog! *referrals of pet-sitters, health and training tips, travel recommendations and more!
Included in adoption is;  a starter amount of the specific dog's food and a familiar toy or linen. We understand the adjustment of opening your home to a new dog so each adoption begins with a sleepover period to provide a path smoothest for the dog. In addition, the sleepover period ensures that after having spent a sufficient amount of time living with the dog, the potential ohana has the knowledge and ability to then make the adoption a permanent one. This is all done in best interest of the dog’s current and future happiness, safety and well-being. #AdoptionThePonoOption 

We ask for: $200 for adult dogs, $300 for puppies(<1yr). 

100% of the adoption amount goes back to helping the next dog.
By adopting, you are not only saving that pup/dog's life, you are making it possible for the next puppy or dog to receive help.



Please check back soon for Giovanni’s complete bio. 



Clover, lovingly named with a joyful moniker giving nod to her birth-defected leg, this little lady never let her disability keep her down. As she grew, her bone health was strictly monitored and precise feedings aided in keeping her lean so as not to compromise her left rear leg with extra weight. 

It is remarkable how much she has progressed since being in foster care and her leg is no longer dangling or misshapen! 

To describe Clover’s perfect home would be one that is on the quieter side, with older children, and a human who will give Clover all the cuddles she craves. Clover would enjoy the company of a nice dog as she is a very sweet and submissive puppy needing further guidance to take her into adulthood. This cutie loves positive attention so much that when you scratch behind her ear, she will go limp and often displays her belly to you. 
As with any puppy, her energy is sometime boundless so her adopter needs to be aware of how to best accommodate her evolving daily needs.
Leaving her home alone all day long will bore her, she will cry and howl. As she grows, she will further need; potty-training brush ups, leash training, basic commands - recall, stay/place, etc.  
Clover is a very bright and intuitive puppy. Life did not begin well for this innocent and she is eager to find a special person who will make her the center of their world. 

Could that be you? 

If you are interested in providing a permanent home for Clover, please submit an adoption application. 

Makana Kai

Makana Kai is the smallest of the males in his litter. 3 boys, 3 girls and each had specific medical conditions or issues to overcome. This small sweetie had an open fontanelle for a very long time. His Dr. could not be certain if it would close up so Makana was in foster care under handling precautions. His head could not get bumped or jostled about or it could have caused him serious secondary brain issues. 

Here we are at present day and excited to report that upon Makana’s last examination, his fontanelle (hole in his skull) had closed! Makana Kai’s fosters promptly celebrated by allowing him to romp outside and do zoomies with his other siblings. For a little guy with short legs, he sure runs fast! 

Same as his sibling, Makana has lots of energy and needs someone who can provide for his evolving needs. Leaving him home alone all day long will be boring and Makana will cry, howl and try to escape.
As he grows, this little gent will further need; potty-training brush ups, leash training, basic commands - recall, stay/place, etc.  

If you think you have the time and energy to devote to this innocent, please submit an application.


From a horrible past emerged this beautiful and energetic soul. She was emaciated and painfully engorged with milk at the same time. Someone had taken her 2.5 wks old puppies from her and were attempting to sell and give them away in a parking lot.
With the help of other good sammies, her puppies were brought to one of our vets and within another 24hrs, this innocent was being carried into our emergency vet for immediate care. She remained at our vet hospital overnight and as soon as she was cleared by our vet, she was reunited with her puppies to continue raising them with her mother’s milk.

Don’t let her age of 6yrs old fool you, Hina is very puppy-like and loves to be right at your side. 
Hina is a hound mix weighing approximately 45lbs and enjoys splitting her time between walks and having lots of time to relax. All of her puppies have long since found homes and this gorgeous girl is more than ready for one of her very own!
Hina has been fortunate to be in the same foster home since she came to need help over 2yrs ago and the neighbors next to her fosters have been a loving extension of care through fun outings and quality time spent together. 

If you work from home, are still somewhat active and seeking to share your life with a dog, Hina would love to hear from you! She gets along with certain dogs but would not mind being the only gal in the house. If you match Hina’s needs, please submit an adoption application. 


Brie was a long time stray who made her way to a stretch of a houseless beach encampment where she rummaged for food or relied on the kindness of surrounding humans. Some humans were not kind and had no compassion for her situation, viewing this sweet, timid girl her as a nuisance. Mean people would shoo her away and throw things her her direction. 
Fortunate for Brie, there was one nice woman in the camp who asked us for help to get her out of there before someone hurt her or her puppies.

Foster care has allowed Brie to learn many new things about life, including what a joy it is to run and play! Brie needs a calmer human to understand and remember her background. 
Her foster states that Brie would not do well in an apartment setting or with cats or children. This sweet soul would be most comfortable in a quieter home where she can be allowed to go at her own space. Loving energy in the environment will help her to build confidence with a patient human who can see Brie for the magnificent gal she is. 

If you are seeking a dog to cuddle with or give kisses to, Brie is not the one. Now we aren’t saying she may not be capable of it later but she has been with us for 2 years and know that she doesn't easily accept human affection from strangers. She needs time to warm up first. Brie’s past treatment from other humans has really made her fearful in ways that dictates she have a very patient human. She does not do well with change so if you are planning on moving within the next 5 years, this beautiful dog would recoil into the terrified dog she was on the day she was trapped. 

Brie does enjoy one thing - relaxing! Seeing her body relax in play while she romps in a secured yard is special. Brie is a very good dog and she just needs that special someone to notice her for what she is….a hidden gem that has been trampled on. Could you be the one to help her shine once again? This pretty girl is considered to be a medium sized dog weighing in at only 30lbs and would be perfect for a retired person or couple who spend a lot of time in a quieter home. 

If you think your home and mellow lifestyle matches Brie’s need of stability and lifelong acceptance, please submit an adoption application. 


Please check back soon for her bio.