K9 Kokua 
est. 2003

In 2003 the economy spiraled and many people began to lose their homes at an alarming rate. Families and single people with children found themselves on the streets with their dog and they were confused, scared and many were unsure where to seek help. There were numerous organizations which helped houseless humans but none which addressed the needs of a family dog. We knew we had to help our community and work from the heart began. 

Our first Volunteers looked forward to working on their ‘days off’. They would pool their money to buy dog food, first-aid supplies and spay and neuter procedures. Slowly, the word began to spread to other people who found themselves houseless with their dog and the need for help grew. What began as helping the Waianae community, it soon expanded to all areas on Oahu and soon after, Maui island. Teaming up with amazing dog lovers who have a drive to help dogs is how K9 Kokua came to be making our organization a place where people gather for the sake of a dog on need. 

Story of our Founder: her love of dogs was evident as a child especially growing up with a ladder-climbing poodle and a large black Labrador that would wake her up for school by jumping on the bed.
At about the age of 9 yrs old, she became part of the latchkey kid era of kids who came from a split home where both parents worked long hours. Arriving to an empty home each school day, her dogs were constant companions. Dogs were at the center of our Founder’s upbringing and having other close family members love and care for dogs kindly, provided her with a solid foundation of examples of what it meant to have respect for animals.

In her adulthood, she experienced many things as any young wahine attempting to find her way does. A survivor of domestic violence, she witnessed first hand how animals are used against a human to hurt them emotionally. Being the mother of a son grounded her to reality and she was grateful he was not witness to all she endured. 
She made a conscientious decision and began to work long, hard hours to obtain her independence. As time went on, a healthy relationship provided a stable and safe life for all. Her commute from Waianae to Honolulu 5-6 days a week was normal for her. While she enjoyed a fascinating career, she stupendously loved having her dogs with her as often as possible. Some would joke about her inability to want to leave her 3 pit bull mixes home, she could not imagine why anyone would have dogs and not share life with them.

One morning, along her commute, she noticed a couple with a dog that seemed to be sleeping next to their car in an empty lot. She passed them again on her way home. This dog and his people were on her mind all day at work and she told herself that when she drove home the next day, to look and see if there were any dog bowls on the ground. Like clockwork, her drive home brought her right by the location and she tried to get a good look but did not notice bowls.
As if something was calling to her to help, she was unsure how to do it but still stopped to spoke to the couple. Not wanting to startle or offend them, she approached with pono in her heart and the couple were taken aback about why a stranger would care to stop and offer help…

We have much more to share from our Founder and those around her who collectively were the driving force behind the birth of K9 Kokua. Please check back soon, this page is under construction.