This video is about Cherish, a dog that was once houseless. It will show you her life while houseless on the beach to her day of adoption after being severely emaciated and neglected. Your donations gave her the gift of a stable and permanent home. 
*RIP, Cherish. She enjoyed many years in the arms of a protective and doting family. She loved the beach and was included in every aspect of their daily lives. She would not have known this level of love and loyalty had it not been for your support when she needed it most. Mahalo. 

This video is a powerful account of what happens when people come together to help a dog in need. Pono Faith was the victim of cruelty and abandonment. Many people passed her by until Good Samaritans stopped to help her then called us for help. K9 Kokua provides direct outreach and care to the dogs of the houseless population on Oahu and Maui and to those affected by domestic violence. Often, we are the first responders to calls reporting cruelty or abuse to dogs and we are advocates for stronger anti-cruelty legislation and protection.

This is the visual story of the 100+ animals that were discovered in a small shack on Oahu, Hawaii. The shack was off-grid, down a narrow dirt road and boasted no conventional electricity or water utilities. The animals hd been left for 3-4 days without food or water. Some died in that shack and were found caged in with another live animal! The scene was horrendous but the outcome is a celebratory one!

This video was made by a volunteer in celebration of the adoption of Toby, a survivor of domestic violence. Toby won the hearts of everyone around him and many rallied to be there to help him along his journey to safety and a permanent home.

Made in celebration of the adoption of our 3-legged rescued dog named Bruno. You will see him from when he was houseless on the streets of Maui to his private charter flight to Oahu for continued care and now...adopted! Celebrate with us! We hope you enjoy this video.

KHON2 NEWS: A $2,000 reward is being offered for information on a case of animal cruelty. The group K9 Kokua is asking for the public's help in catching the person responsible.

The Pet Hui: K9 Kokua puppies looking for a home!
(previously aired, all dogs have since found homes)

From The Pet Hui: Viewers get an update from K9 Kokua on Jojo, Patches and Kea (aka The Three Amigos) and see how these senior pups are doing after one year. If you are interested in donating towards the remainder medial needs of this terrific trio, please visit
*previously aired segment. 

The Pet Hui: You'll meet some cute dogs that are available for adoption through K9 Kokua Adoptions. Take a look and you just might find the perfect pal!

Over 15 yrs ago, this is one of our first segments of The Pet Hui.

From The Pet Hui: We followed K9 Kokua on one of their many outreach visits to the houseless dogs and we learned so much about the importance of what they do and the bonds they develop with each dog. 

From Rylee Brooke: Animal neglect, abuse, and cruelty seems to be happening way too frequently in Hawaii. We always notice an uproar online when animal lovers see these types of cases in their social media feeds usually expressing their anger or disgust or stating what they'd do, but what about the people who are actually on the front line responding to these cases? The people who dedicate their free time going out and doing the dirty work to help these animals or cover their vet bills so they can receive proper medical treatment? This video will show you what goes on behind some of those horrific stories you see or hear about. Hawaii has animal rescue groups who are fighting, not with words, but with action. This video tells you all about one of those groups called K9 Kokua and what they do.